Why Choose Us?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) technicians have a unique combination of talents, including artistry, craftsmanship and touch. The lead technician at Hail RaisersTM began his PDR career in 1996, and depending on the storm will bring on the very best technicians from around the country, bringing decades of PDR talent and experience to the storm that has affected your community.

You can rest assured that your repair will be 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Wherever we are, we have developed a relationship with a local, conventional body shop so that anything we may have missed or any mistake we may have made will be handled to your satisfaction, locally and at our expense.

Finally, by choosing Hail RaisersTM PDR to repair your hail damaged car or truck, you will know that you have restored the value of your car, using the paint the vehicle came with. You won’t have to worry about blending tricky metallic and pearl paint jobs.

You will save money. PDR is significantly less expensive than conventional dent repair involving grinding, sanding body fillers and at least two different layers of paint and clear coat after primer. And, the finished product is always better than any effort involving body filler. Superior workmanship, for less money than conventional repair.

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