We Travel

The Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) industry is a slave to the weather. Technicians must have hail damaged vehicles to hone their craft. Consequently, we travel to where catastrophic hail storms have damaged many vehicles. Some folks call us storm chasers, and the description is not far off.

Most communities do not have enough PDR technicians to handle the sheer volume of hail-damaged vehicles caused by a major hailstorm. So technicians from Hail RaisersTM travel to where the work is.

If your community has been stricken by a major hailstorm leaving quarter to half-dollar sized dents in vehicles, call us and, if we’re not swamped at another storm, we’ll be on our way to your location, usually the next day. Most recently, we spent several months in Rapid City, SD, helping the folks there get their lives back to normal, after a brutal storm in August. Once in your community, we’ll find a shop to rent and develop a relationship with local body shops who can handle damage too severe for PDR.

Of course, we also schedule our time so we can be home in the Dallas area. No matter where we are, we’ll schedule a time to take excellent care of our Dallas-area customers. Just call or e-mail and expect a return call within one business day to schedule a time for your repair.

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