The reason you purchase comprehensive automobile insurance is to make sure you and any of your lien-holders are able to protect the investment in your vehicle. Most lending institutions require you to repair hail damaged vehicles.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) offers you an affordable alternative to conventional body repair, involving grinding, sanding, body filler and multiple coats of expensive base coat and clear coat paints.

We recommend that you immediately file a claim with your insurance company. They will arrange for an adjuster to examine your vehicle. The adjuster will then disperse a check to cover the cost of repair, less your deductible.

It is the insurance adjuster’s job to settle all claims for as little as possible. Once you have the adjuster’s estimate, bring the vehicle and the estimate to Hail RaisersTM. Hail RaisersTM has years of experience working with insurance companies and will, when necessary work with the adjuster to file supplemental claims in order to get your vehicle repaired, usually without having to ask you for a portion of your deductible.

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