Hail Damage?

So your car or truck fell victim to Mother Nature and now you need to find a viable solution that will bring your car back to its original beauty without breaking the bank to pay costly insurance deductibles.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) by Hail RaisersTM provides you with a dent-free vehicle, lets you keep your insurance deductible, and restores your vehicle's value because all repairs are made while pre-serving the original factory finish.

PDR uses the memory of your vehicle's steel or aluminum. We use a series of special custom tools to meticulously manipulate each dent to permanently restore the shape of your sheet metal.

Because modern polyurethane paints and thinner metal are flexible, the process doesn't harm the original finish. PDR technicians work from behind (or beneath) a dent so there is no need for sanding, painting or body filler. With more than 16 years of PDR experience, the technicians at Hail RaisersTM PDR have mastered the art of paintless dent removal on older cars manufactured using much thicker metal and older, less flexible paints.

Watch the video below to see a severely hail damaged truck hood be transformed back to its original shape and beautiful finish.

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